anokhi dunya


Whether it is 'E.T.' or the 'War of the Worlds'.....whether they are 'Martians' or 'Kryptonians'....they seem to be crashing a lot in the west and they always speak English! What if....for the sake of an assumption....some extra terrestial intelligent life form is to crash in Pakistan?


How do we deal with it....



toon tamashay


Sick of watching boring news and analysis round the clock? Take a break as we explore some not-so-breaking news and analysis on issues that may are may not be current.


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short films


Animation or Live action! Exploring some of the more serious aspects of our society through story telling that is unique and never been told before.



comic books


A more traditional form of telling the story - drawing in boxes with dialogue box. So far, we are keeping it under a tight lid. Get in touch if you want to find out or contribute. 

our projects

social music project


Ever heard of the Sutta Anthem named "BC Sutta". Well fast forward several years and find out that wasn't the end of story. Get in touch if you like to find out more