A bunch of creative and imaginative people gather at the corner of the street every Saturday night, sipping tea and exploring the wonders of their own worlds. What they imagine is not real, what is real does not concern them. Time comes to a stand with every cup they drink. 

You don't need to find this place; just dream and it will find you...



 Welcome to Anchor Gully!

Our team

Story telling

Its not really content...if there isn't a story to tell


Every frame... drawn by hand...literally!

What we do?


...with a camera ofcourse!

song writing

Let's just say we wrote a few songs under a band name "Zeest" 

Anchor Gully is an initiative taken by a group of imaginative individuals. There is no particular business here, no fancy taglines or lengthy mottos. It is more to do with the creative freedom each one has over what they love to do. This isn't about success or failure, it isn't about competing with everyone - it doesn't have to be. It isn't even about doing the right thing - it's only about sharing a thought with the world - that has been so far only confined to someone's imagination. Your profession doesn't matter here, it doesn't matter if you are a school teacher or a top executive of your business empire. You just need to be creative and that is all that counts here.


Founder of Anchor Gully, Farhan is the creative force behind major initiatives here. Farhan has been drawing cartoons since the age 5 and never sort of gave up on this habit. Fast forward 35 years and his passion is now being realized in the form of structured story telling through traditional and modern means in a way that is unique and exciting.


Professionally, Farhan possess over 15 years of experience as an Economic and Financial Researcher, and his knwoledge of current affairs naturally translates into his art work. He never received any formal training in art though and is completely self taught. Apart from his professional committments, Farhan is also Level-2 seller at Fiverr. 

farhan bashir khan


Sohail is the true backbone behind Anchor Gully and a true partner in crime. The creative collaboration between Sohail and Farhan goes back to over 3 decades and continues to date. Sohail is a true powerhouse in terms of his writing and story telling skills. He is an avid follower of history and possesses enormous knowledge of Urdu and English literature.


Sohail has a passion for Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock n' Roll and has an almost encyclopediac  knowledge of its history and cultural influences. His influences eventually led up to formation of 'Zeest' - a local band which gained enormous fame due to its songs on common social themes. Professionally, Sohail is associated with higher education sector in Pakistan. 



saqib abdullah

Saqib is a true musical genius. He is founder of "Zeest" - a local band whose claim to fame are several songs, including the infamous "BC Sutta", an underground sensation of the mid-2000s. Though Saqib moved on to other creative ventures, his creative work under "Zeest" still include several tracks that he plan to release in the future. 


Saqib now pursues photography as a passion. His ultimate goal is film making. Saqib provides crucial creative support to Anchor Gully, through his knowledge of music, sound design, photography and art direction. 


Will Zeest make a comeback? Stay tuned to find out more.